Commit ffdb6d2d authored by natsfr's avatar natsfr

changed text and verified error in book

parent 9b18fc98
...@@ -20,6 +20,16 @@ def print_complex(name, c): ...@@ -20,6 +20,16 @@ def print_complex(name, c):
print("Polar: %f %fj" % (cmath.polar(c)[0] , math.degrees(cmath.polar(c)[1]))) print("Polar: %f %fj" % (cmath.polar(c)[0] , math.degrees(cmath.polar(c)[1])))
print("====") print("====")
# needed for test on polar
def polar_add(ar, ai, br, bi):
a = cmath.rect(ar, math.degrees(ai))
b = cmath.rect(br, math.degrees(bi))
print_complex("polar res", a + b)
def pol2rec(ar, ai):
a = cmath.rect(ar, math.radians(ai))
return a
class TransistorBlock: class TransistorBlock:
def __init__(self, file, freq, config): def __init__(self, file, freq, config):
...@@ -171,8 +181,13 @@ if __name__ == '__main__': ...@@ -171,8 +181,13 @@ if __name__ == '__main__':
q1.calc_scm() q1.calc_scm()
q1.calc_gt() q1.calc_gt()
print("Result") print("Result")
print("Input Impedance to match") print("Optimum Source Reflection")
print_complex("Input Reflection", q1.source_ref) print_complex("Source Reflection", q1.source_ref)
print("Output Impedance to match") print("Optimum Load Reflection")
print_complex("Load Reflection", q1.load_ref) print_complex("Load Reflection", q1.load_ref)
print("Transducer gain: %fdB" % q1.GT) print("Transducer gain: %fdB" % q1.GT)
# test book error
a = pol2rec(0.4,162) + ((pol2rec(0.04,60)*pol2rec(5.2,63)*pol2rec(0.487,39)) / (1 - pol2rec(0.487,39)*pol2rec(0.35,-39)))
print_complex("test", a)
print_complex("test", complex.conjugate(a))
\ No newline at end of file
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