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......@@ -12,6 +12,22 @@ What is PythonicGcodeMachine ?
PythonicGcodeMachine is a free and open source Python toolkit to work with RS-274 / ISO G-Code.
PythonicGcodeMachine features:
* a compliant RS-274 / ISO G-Code parser which is automatically generated from grammar and easy to
derivate to support other flavours,
* an abstract syntax tree (AST) API,
* some G-code flavour aspects are handled by YAML files for maximum flexibility,
* tools to manipulate and validate G-code,
* and more ..
PythonicGcodeMachine supports these G-code flavours:
* RS-274 **(full support)**
* Fanuc *(partially)*
* Heidenhain *(partially)*
* LinuxCNC *(partially)*
How is PythonicGcodeMachine licensed ?
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