Commit d88e207c authored by electrolab's avatar electrolab

Changes missing from previous commit

parent 9c0579fd
#Load Hostmot support
loadrt hostmot2
loadrt hm2_pci config="num_encoders=2 num_pwmgens=1"
loadrt hm2_pci config="num_encoders=2 num_pwmgens=0"
loadrt mux8 names=mpg
loadrt abs count=1
loadrt near names=atspeed
......@@ -11,8 +11,8 @@ addf mpg servo-thread
addf atspeed servo-thread
addf abs.0 servo-thread
setp hm2_5i24.0.pwmgen.pwm_frequency 24000
setp hm2_5i24.0.pwmgen.pdm_frequency 6000000
#setp hm2_5i24.0.pwmgen.pwm_frequency 24000
#setp hm2_5i24.0.pwmgen.pdm_frequency 6000000
#We have a 6i24 in emulation mode so all pin will be hm2_5i24.0.
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